We offer marriage counseling for couples who are feeling stuck and are invested in continuing to grow, connect, and engage with each other. This can be helpful for relationship maintenance and keeping your bond in check or for couples who still love each other and want to stay together, or for those who are beginning to notice that the fire, passion, and "honeymoon phase" is fizzling. Marriage counseling is also a great tool for those who are family planning and want to prepare for the adjustment and transition that comes along with bringing new life into the world. 

Studies show that when couples start having relationship problems, they wait an average of 7 years before seeking help. Working with a marriage therapist can help you avoid waiting until it is too late.

What if my partner doesn't want to come?

Sometimes it is difficult to make changes in your relationship if your partner is not invested in joining you in couple's therapy. We offer couples counseling-for-one, which is a great option to consider.  It is like couple's counseling but when only one person wants to attend or is willing to attend at this time. You can often make changes in your relationship without both partners having to be present.