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Cassandra Bolar, Ph.D,   Marriage & Family Therapist

Cassandra Bolar, Ph.D, Marriage & Family Therapist

Meet Cassandra Bolar, Ph.D, Marriage & Family Therapist

Cassandra Bolar, MFT enjoys helping couples create a legacy marriage...the kind of marriage that can stand the test of time and weather storms that come along while paving path for a healthy relationship for future generations. Cassandra has the gift of being able to connect with anyone without judgment. She is warm, caring, and compassionate and her approach helps clients tackle difficult issues head on with confidence and care.

Cassandra's area of expertise is working with couples who are considering marriage, are newly engaged, and couples who are having communication struggles. She is particularly skilled at helping clients who want to repair their relationship navigate through frustration and resentment, hopelessness, or self esteem issues that are affecting the relationship, as well as helping individuals and couples heal relationship wounds that keep them stuck. 

If you feel like you and your partner are not on the same page but desperately want to be and are wanting to learn practical and simple tools that will help you have the relationship you want and deserve, then you'll love working with Cassandra.

Cassandra is available by appointment on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Misty McIntyre,   Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Owner

Misty McIntyre, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Owner

Meet Misty McIntyre, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Owner of Therapy & Co.

Misty McIntyre, LMFT is the center owner and works with individuals and couples who are successful in life, but struggling in relationships. Misty has been working with clients on relational issues for the past six years. As the center's owner, Misty feels it is her responsibility to practice what she preaches, making her the kind of therapist who is real, humble, and effective. 

Misty's specialty is working with couples and individuals who are struggling both inside and outside the bedroom. Misty is working toward her sex therapy certification, making her the only sex therapist in the West Georgia/East Alabama area. Couples or individuals who are struggling with desire issues, libido issues, difficulty around arousal, couples who feel bored or have lost the "spark", or those who struggle with basic sexual functioning can benefit from sex therapy. Misty also enjoys working with couples who are struggling with communication, feeling like roommates, or struggle with trust or infidelity. Misty's unique approach helps her clients change in three ways: they way they relate to other people, the way they relate to problems they face, and the way they relate to themselves.

Clients who work with Misty often find that they can learn tools to re-connect with their partners in a deep and meaningful way, leaving them feeling engaged, on track, and ready to re-ignite the relationship in a way that defies the divorce odds. Misty's clients can learn to get to the heart of the matter very quickly, rather than spinning their wheels in arguments. Misty's clients usually find that they can walk away with a better understanding of themselves and their partners, and often feel they have a greater sense of dignity, self esteem, and confidence.

If you would like to stop patterns that are no longer serving you well and are ready to get your relationship out of a rut, book a strategy call with Misty.

Misty is available by appointment only and currently has limited availability for new clients.