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Why work with us? We believe the difference is in the details.


We value you for investing in your life and your relationship and wanting to maximize your experience in your relationships. As a result, we are invested in providing you with the highest quality of service. The way we interact is different than that of many agencies. We are a small practice and part of what we offer is the experience and we like to work in a way that allow us to have the freedom and flexibility to attend to you and your needs, so that you leave feeling important, appreciated, and taken care of. 

No Stigma

We believe that counseling can be beneficial to everyone. But let's face it-- there's a stigma when it comes to getting a little help. Therefore, our practice is different from others in that it is a "boutique practice" that provides a high quality of service and a high-end feel without the labels. Unlike many counseling companies, we don't diagnose you with a mental disorder just because you want to feel better about life or your relationships. We are here to help you, not label you.

Online Scheduling

You will have access to our online calendar and can view our availability and schedule your own appointments. This also means you can complete all of your paperwork from your computer, tablet, or smart phone before you ever arrive to the office. We want this to be light and easy for you, so you don't have to worry about paperwork taking up your very important session time. Your session time should be for you, not for paperwork.

Flexible Hours

We understand that it is difficult leaving work for personal appointments, and we are here to make things light and easy for you, not more stressful. As a result, we are flexible with scheduling. Need an appointment after work? No problem. we can take appointments until 7pm on select days. Keep in mind that the late evening appointments are our prime time slots, and may not always be available. However, we recommend that you schedule as soon as possible, and then you select your prime days/times you'd like to meet.  We also offer email coaching for those who have quick questions they need answered in addition to online and phone sessions to accommodate busy schedules and last minute changes. Your appointment doesn't have to end just because life happens.

Direct access to your therapist

You will be able to access us via phone, email, or secure messaging via your client portal. Our therapists also like to maintain small caseloads so that they can bring their best selves to the table and really focus on providing quality interventions.  

Luxury Experience

We want your appointments to be something you look forward to and come to enjoy.  Cold bottled water, coffee, hot tea, sodas, biscotti, chocolate truffles, and other snacks are kept on hand for your enjoyment. The center is in a charming, historic farmhouse that welcomes you as soon as you walk in. It is quiet, cozy, and comforting. You get to feel like you're in a friend's living room instead of a cold, sterile, or clinical cubicle.

Extra Privacy and Confidentiality 

This is a small town. And, we know that you don't want everyone in town knowing your business. Private parking is available in the back that is off the main street, and there is a front and rear entrance to the building. Don't you hate sitting in a waiting room elbow-to-elbow with other people, hoping you don't see someone you know? Us, too. That's why we work to schedule appointments so that you aren't bumping into other clients or sharing a sofa with them in the waiting room. Furthermore, what gets said in session-stays in session. We do not communicate with insurance companies about how well you're doing. 

Longer Sessions

While our sessions are usually 45 minutes in length, as our client, we offer you the freedom and flexibility to choose longer sessions. If you find the 45 minute session goes by too quickly, or you and your mate have too much to discuss, we will offer longer sessions as well. In fact, we do my best work when I have more time to spend with you, and can front-load the process. And, we know you want to feel better fast.

VIP sessions

VIP sessions are offered if you want to bundle a few hours of counseling sessions into 1 meeting. This is great if you have an inconsistent schedule, limited availability, or really want to get the ball rolling quickly. Some of our clients like to turn this opportunity into a retreat by staying at a local Bed & Breakfast, or even booking a zip line tour and a night in a cabin at Historic Banning Mills, while spending a couple of hours working on their relationship. 

Variety of Services

Again, because we believe counseling can be beneficial to everyone, we offer a variety of services. we understand there is no one-size-fits-all kind of counseling and we am sensitive to the idea that different people in different stages of life and different stages in their relationships need different things. You can work with me to customize a plan that best fits you. 

We take great pride in watching you transform personally and in your relationships. We thank you and value you for allowing me to do the work we are so passionate about.