Is Your Marriage Divorce-Proof? Take This Quiz to Find Out!


Recently engaged or making plans to marry in the future? We offer premarital counseling to help couples learn to navigate the difficult times with ease to avoid and prevent future breakdowns or ruts. This can change the way you engage with this person for life and can set you up for long-term success. 

Premarital counseling has shown to reduce the risk of divorce by 30%. An added benefit to attending premarital counseling is that there is value in already formulating a relationship with a therapist for when you hit a bump in the road later on (Don't worry- hitting bumps is normal!). It is easier to be able to call and reconnect with your premarital counselor than it is to start at ground zero. 

When you complete our premarital program, you can receive a discount on your marriage license or have the fee waived entirely, depending on the county you choose to marry in.