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The Relationship Breakthrough Coaching Program

Repair your marriage, feel deeply connected to your spouse, and experience marital bliss.


The Relationship Breakthrough coaching program

This is a cutting-edge program unlike any other you will find. It is designed to be a rapid repair process for couples who want to experience marital bliss together.

It is a proven system of research and science based strategies that gets couples out of the rut their are in and into enjoying their spouse and their marriage again.

While it is therapeutic in nature, you will be coached by Misty McIntyre and given tools, strategies, homework, exercises to follow, and accountability to keep you on track.

It is for couples who want to expedite their progress and see results quickly.

The program is roughly 8-10 weeks and is our most comprehensive offer. If you want every tool/strategy possible to set yourself up for success, this may be the best program ever. And because it is a coaching program, we can work with anyone, anywhere. Whether you’re local or in another state.

We cover:

-How to connect with your partner

-How to communicate

-How to resolve conflict

-How to heal hurts/resentment/anger

-How to restore trust

-How to restore intimacy (sexual and emotional)

-How to create habits to make marital bliss sustainable


To determine if you are a good fit or if you are interested, please schedule a free strategy call, complete the application, and Misty will spend 45 minutes chatting about strategy with you and your spouse and will help you determine if this program is a good fit for you. The goal of this program is to expedite results, and this program ranges from $2500-5400, depending upon your needs.

Click here to set up a strategy call with Misty.

If no spots are available, keep trying. New spots open daily and there are sometimes cancellations. However, keep in mind, they book VERY QUICKLY.

Don’t forget to check out our Resource page to learn how to join a healthy relationship group on Facebook and to download the Free Relationship Repair Quickstart Guide.